What is the best type of flower bouquet for you?

  • Apr, 19 , 20
  • Lucy Jones

This is the million dollar question, and the one we get about a million times a day!  But it’s so hard to answer, we can guide you with a few basics, but after that your on your own!  But our advice would be pick what you genuinely like, all our bouquets are made with a range of flowers to create a magnificent mix, so chances are, they’re going to absolutely love there gift from you!


The easiest way to start deciding is wether the recipient enjoys arranging flowers and has their own vases or containers, or they’re really prefer just to be able to position them as they come, looking stunning in their chosen spot.


For our hobby flower-arrangers, or someone who just wants to display their flowers in their own vase, I would suggest our Traditional Bouquets.  These bouquets leave our stems the longest length to suit any container, they also need cut and rearranged out of their packaging after delivery.  So there perfect for the more hands on recipient!


If your thinking the total opposite, and they’d like to display them as they come, then all of our other arrangements suit your needs.  The only care they need; is a little water top up every few days to keep them healthy, fresh and smelling great.


There are a couple of other things you can keep in mind as-well, but they’re not essential;

  • Colours : Do they like the colour? Would the colour go with their home? Is the colour suitable for the occasion?
  • Flowers : Do they like the flower? Are the flowers suitable for where they will be placed?  How long do you want the bouquet to last?
  • Style : Do they like a more traditional style? Would they like a contemporary piece? Would they appreciate beverages or chocolate more?


Well, we’ve answered the question once again, now the final choice is up to you, but as we said before, go with your gut because it will usually be right!