The Flower House Co on the environment

  • Apr, 19 , 20
  • Lucy Jones


One of our main aims is to keep in sync with the environment, after all, it’s beautiful creations have created our trade.  We are always on the look out to make more changes to reduce our carbon footprint even more.


Our bouquets are almost the whole way to being 100% recyclable,  however a couple of bits we are still working on.  But in the name of transparency we’ve broken down our materials, to give you the once over in their sustainability.


Boxes - All our living vase boxes that our hand-ties, hampers and chocolate our delivered in are made of cardboard and are 100% recyclable.  They are also made of a percentage of recycled cardboard themselves.  So we deserve a thumbs up for this one!


Wrapping - Cellophane that we use is actually made out of plant fibres, which are compostable, although some coatings do delay this process. We are currently working with our supplier to use a 100% recycled alternative, and we hope to have it in use by late summer!


Floral Foam - Traditionally flower foam has been a nightmare for florists trying to help the environment, because it’s basically plastic and would stay in land fills forever.  But then along cane oasis bio; Oasis® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife is the world's first floral foam with enhanced biodegradability. It has been developed to actively attract the microbes present in landfill and will break down over 50% in one year and 85% in three years.  I’m no scientist, but I would defiantly say this is a tick on our environmental checklist!


Flowers - Natural flowers really don’t need much explaining.  They’re freshly cut from the ground, delivered to you, then ready to be composted at the site of your choice.  But artificial can be a little different.  Most are unfortunately made of foams or plastics, which isn’t the best, and one of our top priorities is looking for a greener alternative to these.  However it’s not all doom and gloom, although plastic, when constructed properly by our expert florist, an artificial bouquet could last well over 6 months even in biodegradable floral foam, so they’re long use reduces there environmental impact massively.  And the flowers themselves last a lifetime!  So you can reuse them anyway you like!


So, overall we run at a very high recycling rate, and it’s only going to get higher in the future.  If you have any ideas of ways we could reduce our waste more or help the environment please let us know.  We would also like to know your best methods for floristry and the environment!