How to care for your Traditional Bouquet

  • Apr, 19 , 20
  • Lucy Jones

Caring for your Traditional Bouquet

When your Traditional Bouquet arrives it will be wrapped in our luxury cellophane, with a wonderful bow to match.  To keep the flowers watered during transport we use ‘Stem vials’  or ‘Floral water tubes’.  And now the time, as amazing as it looks, to unwrap it, re arrange it, and put it in your own vase or container.


The first step is to remove the bow.  Our how’s are only tied on and dabbed with a spot of glue, so a simple snip of the ribbon and it will pull off.  (Try and cut the ribbon at the back, so you have plenty of room to re attach it to your vase or container!). Now cut away the cellophane wrap, being careful with the scissors.  Please dispose of the cellophane responsibly!


In front of you is now sitting your nicely arranged flowers, naked of their wrapping.  It’s now time to cut the stems, the best way is to cut the stems at a sharp angle, doing this ensures the flowers get the best water uptake, which means your flowers lasting longer!  (If using a vase, cut all the stems to roughly the same length, this will create a better shaped arrangement in your vase!)


Clean water is the key to healthy flowers, so put a couple of inches in the bottom of your vase (if you have plant food add it now, it does help!).  While you have your fresh flowers remember to change the water and clean the vase every few days to keep them healthy.  The most common way to turn healthy cut flowers is leaving them in bad water!


And now it’s time for the finale, arranging your freshly cut, thirsty fresh flowers.  Try not to overthink they way your positioning them!  As-long as you make sure the different flowers are mixed around evenly, and you fill the shape of the vase, they are guaranteed to look awesome.  This is because our bouquets are only made with flowers and colours that are a perfect match!


Well, now you know how to take care of your The Flower House Co Traditional Bouquet, you should be able to enjoy it for up to two weeks, it’s flowers bringing a beautiful scent and view to your home or office!